Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Blessing, by John Trent and Gary Smalley

“Unconditional love and approval…comes from a healthy relationship with one's parents.”
The Blessing, by John Trent and Gary Smalley
This one took me some time, ok, the toddler took up most of my time, but I’m glad it was that way. I may have felt a bit guilty had I taken time away from my child to read this one cover to cover, not because it’s not a good read (it’s an important read) but because the book teaches you how important your time with your child can be when used correctly. This book really shows you how to take all the love you have for your child and really put it to work. Loving your child and wanting to instill God’s word in them can be easier said than done.
In “The Blessing” you are given the tools you need to do so and even the tools needed to make up for what was lacking in your own childhood so as not to repeat some not so good parenting habits. As parents we establish (in the first few years of life) a child’s view of themselves. We either build their self esteem or tear it down, we can create confidence or fear, we show the love of God or….well, I hate to think of the alternative. Even when you think you are doing the best you can having a book like this to break it down and give great examples helps you know that you are implementing all the thing you desire to in raising your child in a Godly way. This isn’t a “read before baby arrives” book either, it is practical for all stages of parenting so I’m sure I’ll be picking it up again later in my journey. I recommend that parents, grandparents, parents-to-be, and those dealing with past hurt from poor parenting read this…….and keep it around for referencing later.

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