Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Success - the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

I started working a, legitimate; collect a pay check, on the books job, when I was 16. I got my working papers and applied at A.C. Moore, I got the job. Since my start as a cashier I have held many titles; veterinary assistant, dance teacher, child care provider, waitress, shampoo girl, hair and make-up stylist, after school program supervisor, special education assistant, pre-k teacher, and CAD designer/drafter.
When discussing career options you are often asked, "What are you good at?" To this question a confused look would wash over my face and many things would come to mind but, never just one thing. So, my answer would be, "I don't know", or "Well, it's hard to say". With those answers the next question would usually be “What do you like to do?” Again, there are so many things I could list but in terms of careers not one could stand alone and satisfy me.
When you're little people ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?” This one was easy, "A Mommy!” I would reply as if it were an obvious answer. As I got older my answer never changed but expanded to include the title of Wife after realizing the two should go hand in hand.
As I sit now in my home listening to my husband snore and my son grunt in his sleep I feel completely satisfied. I finally have a job I love. I have a wonderful “coworker”, the most adorable “client” (thinking about adding a few more), a great office, and the most amazing boss (God!). On a daily basis I get to do almost all the things I like and utilize the things I’m good at. I don’t dread Mondays or wait until Friday to breathe easy. I no longer set my alarm and cringe. I look forward to tomorrow and all I have to do. I take pride in seeing my short term goals met in home-cooked meals and a clean house. I am motivated by my long term goals such as raising children that will contribute to society and God’s kingdom in a positive way. I am grateful for the work my husband does and for his support in what I do and I am thankful for a mother who never questioned my career choice.
I have obtained what I set out to achieve, marriage and motherhood, and I look forward to everything they will bring.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jersey Blues

My first blog! And of corse my topic is Jersey. I've been reading my cousins facebook posts about getting ready to move back to NJ and I am ready to get on the next flight and be there too! My heart sinks thinking about all we are missing out on (when I say we I mean me, everything would be new to baby and Sam doesn't miss it at all). The Jersey summer is fast approaching and I am ready for walks on the boards, slices of pizza big enough for two, nights on the deck, over crowded beaches filled with NJ and NY accents, big hair and shiny purses. Most of all, I am ready for FAMILY! Baby Samuel can not spend his days looking at me and Sam thinking this is it. This is not it, there is soooo much I need to share with him. I know NOTHING about SC life and have nothing here to share with him. People offer suggestions but regardless of good directions and opinions I have no roots here and to be honest I have no good reason to be here... OK, I had no good reason to COME here but now we own a house and Sam has a good job, plus we have found a home church. I really feel that all these are replaceable but with consequences. Sam could find a state job in NJ but then we deal with the politics, and we could find a suitable church but the desire for Christ is not the same in NJ (Sam has made roots in our church here but I'll lift right out!) So housing... here is a major problem. We just can't afford to live there. Now what? Maybe Deleware? Excuse me while I re-read what I can't beleive I just thought. Ughhhh, I can't even debate this with myself anymore. That is what this blog is anyway, a debate with myself. But I know my mother and maybe some other family will read so please send me money for air fare! I MUST get home!

P.S. Don't comment on my spelling and/or grammer. I don't want to proof read becuase I may change some things and mask my feelings to spare others and Jersey girls don't do that.