Monday, September 6, 2010

What a difference a year makes

Last year at this time I was barely pregnant, just enough so that I was starting to tell people. Now, as I approach the 30th anniversary of my own birth (thanks mom), I have a soon to be six month old son and a completely different life.
In this past year I have had many accomplishments both large and small and some so seemingly insignificant that their value can only be know by me. Some examples;
I have been pregnant
I learned to trust God
I have been very pregnant
I redecorated our house
I gave birth
I learned to really trust God
I gained 35lbs
I lost 15lbs in 3 weeks
I lost another 10 there after (please, don't do the math)
I learned to breast feed
I continued to breast feed
Those were the most obvious of my accomplishments so let me move to the somewhat smaller ones;
I mended friendships
I learned to live on a tight budget
I held out to 8cm before getting an epidural
I made it 3 days straight with only 2 hrs sleep each day
I made a 10 hr drive to and from NJ while 6 months pregnant
I made a much longer drive to and from NJ with a 4 1/2 month old
I have succesfully cloth diapered and will continue to do so
And my most favorite seemingly insignificant accomplishments of the past year;
I put on weight and loved it
I didn't move back to NJ (those who know me know how major this one was)
I grew, birthed, and sustained the life of a human being...ME! (and millions of other women I know but to think I did this is amazing...maybe this belongs in the big accomplishements list)
I did wake up ever two hrs to nurse the baby
I slept comfortably for more than 5 hrs straight
I ignored the negative feedback cloth diapering brought me
I ignored the judgments of not giving solid foods at 4 months
I cooked my husbands favortie foods...often
I hosted house guests on 4 different occasions, twice while pregnant and twice with a new baby
I learned to live happily on a very tight budget

Reading back I think it should all just be on the list of big accomplishements.
Years ago I would have told you how I dreaded the idea of ever turning 30 but now I embrace it. My twenties were fantastic (and I will blog on that topic one day) but I believe my thirties are going to be fabulous! 30 IS the new 20!

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  1. Liz, I just love this blog!!! You are wonderful!! I am very glad your family is in our life!!