Monday, December 20, 2010

This Week’s Small Change

This Week’s Small Change
(the link that got this blog post written)

I love the concept of "simplicity" especially as it is put by "Simplicity Parenting".
Sam and I have decided to keep gift giving simple by applying the following gift giving rules;
1. 3 gift limit. This rule made shopping fun because I got to pick something special for Samuel just from me. Sam also picked out a special gift for Samuel and we both agreed upon the third. For each other we set a one gift limit and under $10 (for this year). That is a real challenge; we will definitely be applying rule number 2 for this Christmas.
2. Make the presents! Making a present, re-gifting, doing something, or selling/trading something of your own to get something for someone else makes it so much more personable and so much easier on the wallet. We will only apply this to the immediate family so don't worry friends, your little ones will get real presents from us on their birthdays :)
3. Buy it for someone else. When Samuel (and our future children) is old enough to make a list of what he wants we hope to have him purchase a thing or two from the list and then donate it. I recently sent my sister something for her birthday that I would have loved to keep for myself and it felt great to send it to her instead.

So why am I blogging this? Pretty much to hold myself to it! This is something I have always felt strongly about but for some reason held off on applying until we had a baby (and coincidentally this is the same year we have not a penny to spare on gift giving).

2011 will be the year of simplifying for me... I can already feel the weight lifting from my shoulders.